Wireless Car Vacuum Cleaner - High Power 8000PA

A High-speed, brushless motor delivers strong suction power. 8000PA suction power is stronger than most cordless handheld vacuum cleaners. The cordless design provides greater mobility. Can quickly and cleanly clean all dirt or debris on the car, such as hair, sands, crumbs, etc.

8000Pa Strong Suction

The powerful suction of 8000Pa is suitable for cleaning cars, homes, and offices.

Pure Copper Motor

The pure copper motor is not easy to rust, and the suction power can reach 8000Pa

4000 mA  Built-in battery

The upgraded battery capacity is larger and safer. It can work continuously for about 30 minutes in a fully charged state.

Small Size, Easy to Store

The mini cup body can be placed in the car cup slot or car storage box.

Washable Filter

The filter can be disassembled and washed with water and can be used multiple times. (Filter can be purchased separately)

Two Nozzle Accessories

This product is equipped with a Wide nozzle and a long nozzle suction tip and a brush suction tip can be applied to clean up all kinds of garbage