Anti glare Wide angle rearview mirror

No more turning your head or straining your neck to look over your shoulder for better visibility! This rearview mirror maximizes and provides you with a wider-angle view and perfect visibility, eliminating blind spots effectively for safe driving. With this car wide mirror, you can see the entire back windows, parts of the backside windows as well as most of the upper half of the back seats.

Product Features:

  • Anti glare, This blue tint anti-glare car rearview mirror, made of high definition and toughness glass fiber composites, can filter out the light of the car behind you that ensures a crystal clear view without distortion throughout the day and night. The blue-tinted mirror resolves the dazzling problem when driving at night.
  • Clear upgrade, blue mirror unique imaging coating process.
  • Its stretchable-clip design enables it to fit universal vehicles, like cars, SUV, CRV, Vans, and Trucks.
  • This car rearview mirror is made of high quality and high definition glass to provide the perfect and better visibility, maximize your view with a wide angle.
  • Give your vehicle an upgraded rearview mirror for improved visibility and safety!