Ulanzi - RGB LED Video Light - CRI95+ RGB 360° 2500K-9000K

Ulanzi Professional photographic light adopts high index(white+warm white)bulbs and 60pcs LED bulbs, which are low consumption and accurate color temperature. It is suitable for the atmosphere lamp, backlight, eight functional modes. It will make your photography more colorful. Widely used for portraits, microfilm, MV video, studio, phone photography, etc.

  • 10%-100% power regulation,Fine dimming
  • Large color temperature: 2500K-9000K
  • Eight functional modes: Lamplight / color temperature / RGB color light /RGB self-matching / stream light / thunder flash / warning lamp / scene
  • Adopts LED display screen,accurate dimmer
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery,low power consumption and environment protection
  • 0-360 full color,and color saturation adjustment