Typro Solar Powered TPMS - With 4 External Sensors

Typro TMPS is Automatic solar charging, using higher quality and more durable solar lithium battery panels, which can extend the use time and help focus driving. Drivers don't have to worry about the continuity of product work often. (AC / DC charging can also be used when there is no sunlight)

  • 4 Tires Monitored Simultaneously: Each tire has its own code, you can view the real-time air pressure and temperature of 4 tires on the screen. Provide you with early warning of air leaks and other abnormal tire conditions, so corrective measures can be taken and tire life can be extended.
  • Five Types Of Alarms:Equipped with five-alarm modes (high pressure, low pressure, high temperature, rapid air leakage, sensor low battery alarm), promptly reporting the abnormal tire condition to the driver to help safe driving. Drivers can set the maximum and minimum alarm values ​​for tire pressure and temperature according to their own needs
  • Customizable Display: Easy to read from any angle day or night. To set up, choose PSI or BAR (pressure) and ℉ or ℃ (temperature). The pressure and temperature alarm value both can be customized.
  • IP67 Rating & Easy Installation: The sensor on each tire is IP67 rated, meaning it is sealed against dust, water, and snow, will keep reporting regardless of road conditions. Installation is easy to take no more than 5 minutes and it has an Anti-theft system and 2 years of battery life (replaceable).

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