Twincon - With Gyro, Rumble, Turbo & Macros function.

Introducing an upgraded version of Joypad. Besides a full set of buttons, Twincon controller adds macro and turbo functions and without the drift issue!

Premium material with rigorously tested. Streamlined design fits just right in your hands. You can enjoy a full-sized controller in handheld mode, or hold them horizontally or vertically in tv mode.

Take this controller with you while you play all your favorite games on the go.

Product Features:

Designed for Nintendo Switch/ Switch Lite: Used separately in each hand or attached to Switch console to use in handheld mode, or use the grip connector come with to hook them together in wireless mode to make it a full-size controller. Half the price of the OEM you spend on them is a good investment, instead of spending bundles of money for the original controller.

Macros & Turbo: This Twincon pro controller can customize the Turbo button and Macro button, which means you can combine A/B/X/Y/L/ZL/R/ZR buttons function to be a button(M), they can save you in input-heavy situations, which let the enemy without a reaction time. The Twincon controller’s continuous shooting function (25 shots/s) makes you more enjoyable to play arcade or action games.

Motion Control & Dual Shock: Build in an accelerometer and 6-Axis gyro in each controller to detect detail movements, our switch controller is capable of extremely precise speed, visual field getting, and accurate direction control, rapid start/stop motion. Helps you to improve game accuracy and speed. Dual rumble supported, making games more immersive.

Ergonomic & Long Time Playing: They are curve streamlined contoured, improved concave analog sticks similar to Xbox one, bigger triggers, thicker and wider than the original joy-con gamepads, which provide enough grip and comfort for prolonged gaming sessions. Built-in 300mAh rechargeable battery, continuous gaming for 10 hours. Not only they can be charged via USB Type-C charging cord, but also charged through the switch console in handheld mode.

*Limited stock not sold in stores, perfect as a gift for Christmas

*Fast shipping from the US: 4-7 days