The Ultimate Hub for MacBook Pro

The Ultimate Hub is the world's smallest hub and stand ever designed that works with 13, 15, 16-inch MacBook Pro 2017~2019 to massively expand its connectivity for higher efficiency and productivity while sturdily elevating it to a more comfortable height and keeping your desk clean and tidy.

The Ultimate Hub outstanding advantages over other MacBook Pro Hub:

  •  Last much longer - Interlocking design hides the plugs from scratches and snaps 
  •  Super small and portable - Weighs only 3.2oz and fits on the palm of your hand 
  •  No overheat at all - Does not cover any vents  
  •  Fast Internet Connection - Includes a 1000mbps Gigabit Ethernet port 


The Ultimate Hub is the world’s first hub with a groundbreaking interlocking mechanism that after disengaging, snap tightly into the USB-C ports on both sides of your MacBook Pro to add a plenitude of ports while charging it at max. 100W and moreover, to sturdily elevate it for a more comfortable typing and viewing experience and better heat ventilation.

It interlocks the same way as a puzzle cube that packs down small while hiding the plugs inside, enabling you to enjoy easy access to all your favorite ports anytime, anywhere.

It is exclusively designed to work with MacBook Pro, various models from 13-inch to 16-inch released in 2017~2019.

The Ultimate Hub allows you to simultaneously connect Thunderbolt 3 USB-C, USB-C, USB-A, HDMI, Ethernet, and 3.5mm audio while keeping your MacBook Pro fast-charged at max. 100W. It saves your money, helps you stay organized, and transforms your laptop into a fully-fledged work and entertainment station.

All the most used ports are located in the back of The Ultimate Hub so the plugged devices and cables are hidden away from your sight to keep your desk clutter-free.

The Ultimate Hub attaches to your MacBook Pro so securely that there is no flaky connection even when all the ports are occupied.

The surfaces on The Ultimate Hub that are in contact with your laptop and the desk are coated with fine silicon to keep scratches and wobbles away. Your MacBook Pro stays put on The Ultimate Hub when you are locked into an intense online battle or hammering out an essay.

There are two ports on The Ultimate Hub for you to establish connections to the Thunderbolt 3 on your MacBook Pro. Vastly superior functions of power delivery, data transfer, and video output can be achieved through the connections to these two ports.

They can deliver power in both directions. They are capable of charging your MacBook Pro at up to 100W or alternatively, can charge a device at up to 15W. They can be used to connect to a dock or display and charge your MacBook Pro simultaneously so you will never have to worry about power drain.

They transfer data at blazing-fast speed of up to 40Gb/s, which is eight times faster than USB 3. You can copy tons of HD video, photos or songs in less than one minute.

They enable your MacBook Pro to support up to 5K@60Hz perfect high-resolution display, allowing you to enjoy immersive visual experience on multiple monitors of Macbook / Mac / iMac.

You can also plug into display using the 4K@30Hz HDMI port on The Ultimate Hub to get a stunning image on TV / Screen / Projector.

The Ultimate Hub features one USB-C and three USB-A 3.0 to connect to a variety of USB peripheral devices such as flash drive, hard drive, keyboard, mouse, printer, camera, smartphone, MP3 player and more. 

They allow data transmission between your MacBook Pro and the devices at up to 5Gb/s while offering max. 10W (5V/2A) power output to the devices. (USB-C is a charging port only.)

The Ultimate Hub is equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet port that allows your MacBook Pro to benefit from more stable and faster Internet connection up to 1000Mbps.

The The Ultimate Hub comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack. Just plug in your headphones or speakers and you're ready to bask in a paramount sound effect.