Super HD Dashcam With G-Sensor & Parking Monitor

The most affordable advanced Dashcam is now available!

G-sensor (Emergency Lock)

This car dashcam is built-in with G-Sensor, dashcam will automatically record unexpected driving incidents and lock footage when the G-Sensor is triggered by a sudden shake collision, providing you significant evidence when something unexpected happens. An accident scene can be truly restored, then you can stay away from the liar and loss.

Super Night Vision

Thanks to an advanced sensor, this dash cam can record full high-quality videos under low-light conditions. This camera can provide adaptive sensitivity of light to enhances the clarity both day and night. It makes the night shoot brighter and prevents overexposure, suitable for most light conditions. The exposure compensation allows the dashcam to perform optimally in low-light situations. Clearly capture license plates - no matter day or night.

Loop Recording

Loop Recording means new recordings that will automatically overwrite the oldest recordings when the Memory Card gets full. You will never miss any moment. You can choose the time for each file as 1minutes, 3 minutes, 5 minutes.

3 Inch Screen

1080 X720 HD and 3-inch large screen show the road condition in real-time, helps you see every detail clearly when playing back, and brings a better visual experience. It can deliver clearer videos&images and replay the key moment even when high-speed driving, providing you the best visual experience.

Easy to Install

This dashcam designed with a 3-inch compact size will not block your sight and safer option whilst driving. It is really very easy to install. You can install the camera on the window or on the car plate. If you are new to the car, you may need someone to help you.