Smart Wine Aerator Decanter

Makes wine taste even better!
One-touch and this aerator can completely transform the taste of your wine, all while keeping it fresh because it creates a seal on the wine bottle.

Enhance the flavor of the wine
Aerating wine is a process that means exposing it to oxygen, which can greatly affect the taste.

If you love good wine, buy this!

🍷【BETTER TASTING WINE】Oxygenated wine aerating made the red wine volatilized more flavor molecules; magnetic design made the tannin more alcoholic, better taste.
🍷【LUXURY&PORTABLE】The luxury design well matches the red wine bottle, no more decanters and spilled wines, but a clean table. Mini-sized, carry in hand to enjoy red wine freely
🍷【AUTO & INSTANT AERATING】Built-in lithium battery, the smart electric aerator will automatically aerate and pour into your glasses with one-button operation
🍷【EASY TO USE & CLEAN】Put the aerator tube into the bottle, and glass under the dispenser spout. Just fill up a bottle with water rinses tubes and the dispenser spout on its own