Smart Anti Theft Doorbell With Night Vision

  • Lets you see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone, tablet, and PC
  • Sends alerts as soon as motion is detected or when visitors press the Doorbell
  • Works on any home, with or without existing doorbell wires
  • Monitors your home in HD video with infrared night vision
  • Lets you check-in on your property at any time with Live View


Passive Infra-Red motion detection

When someone rings the doorbell, your phone receives an immediate notification. You can open the monitor the camera remotely through ToSee app and communicate directly through your mobile phone.

Anti Theft
There is a passive infrared sensor built into the video doorbell, which could capture even the slightest movement. Real-time
monitoring is available. One can watch the video anytime and anywhere through your mobile phone and never mind the danger of opening the wrong door or the problem of having visitors wait while no one at home. HD video and two-
way audio makes your communication much clearer.
2.4GHz Wi-Fi network

The range of 2.4GHz Wi-Fi signals is about 20 meters. You can easily connect to your home Wi-Fi network and send live videos to your phone. You can watch the video anytime and anywhere through the phone.


Simple operation

easy to connect and set up the doorbell and ToSee App

Scan the QR code below, or search ldquoToSeerdquo in Google Play app store to download ldquoToSeerdquo AppReal-time view of the doorbell is available after setting up parameters on ToSee app.


Family connection and real-time sharing

4 mobile phones could monitor and share the control of the doorbell at the same time. Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.


Three batteries, long standby time

The sold separately doorbell battery is consist of three 18650 batteries.

Charging time: 14 hours. You can also use a 1A USB charger (via doorbell micro-port).

Please keep the 18650 battery fully charged before use.

The battery lasts three to four months under normal use.

Real-time view: maximum of 30 hours