Sleep Well - 100% Pure Natural latex Mattress

Sleep Well - 100% Pure Natural latex Mattress provides perfectly pinpointed elastic support.  This elasticity allows the foam to adjust instantly to your every move, ensuring constant support without any resistance.  Other types of Mattress sink as the night goes by, while our Mattress maintains the same support all night long. Natural latex is an extremely durable material, which ensures this comfort and support will be maintained for many years to come.
  • 100% Natural Latex Mattress - No Poly Foam, No Synthetic Latex Foam, No Blended Latex Foam
  • COOL BREATHABLE COMFORT - The ventilated design allows for a cooler sleep. Latex has a natural airflow that discourages moisture and heat buildup.
  • UPLIFTING SUPPORT - FLOAT INSTEAD OF SINK Natural Latex gently conforms to your body, providing better pressure relief and keeps you on top of the mattress.
  • CONSISTENTLY COMFORTABLE & DURABLE - Pure comfort and support. Our natural latex offers a consistent and even sleep surface for the same comfort and feel no matter where you are on the mattress.
  • SUSTAINABLE RESPONSIBLE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Ecologically minded and made from naturally derived, renewable resources.
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified by UL - No Fire Retardant Chemicals or Barrier Cloths
  • No Assembly Required - Simply place the mattress on your bed frame, unroll the plastic wrap, and your mattresses will spring to life!


Sleep Quality - Organic 100% Natural latex is remarkable, it’s buoyant! Latex stretches and rebounds, unlike other foam you merely sink into. This benefit, unique to natural latex, provides actual support in addition to conforming pressure relief. It helps you maintain a better spinal posture through the night. Better posture during sleep means less pain. The result is increased comfort and you'll wake up ready to go!

Breathable - Natural latex has an open-cell structure so body heat and moisture have a pathway to escape, instead of collecting around you like most other foams, including memory foam. While latex doesn't actually create a cooling environment it often helps by adding a breathable layer between you and other foams in your mattress.

100% Natural Latex Foam

We use only our own internationally known Pure Green Latex in our mattress.  Pure Green Latex foam is the highest quality natural latex on the planet.  Pure Green latex foam was developed in conjunction with our Sri Lankan natural latex foam factory. Pure Green latex foam is made with only natural latex and never contains any synthetic latex.  It is certified to meet several stringent international textile emissions standards.  It has been engineered to the highest performance and aesthetic standards in the business.  

Package includes:

  • 1x Latex Mattress
  • 2x Latex pillow