Shinobu - Kiritsuke Damascus Knife

Known as the master chef's knife, the kiritsuke is used for all the tasks for which you'd use a chef's knife and offers top cutting performance and versatility. Kiritsuke is ideal for slicing and push cuts. Julienne, dice, or brunoise vegetables with ease. It's also an excellent choice for cleaning and portioning boneless proteins, and particularly fish. It slices cooked proteins easily and gracefully. The Shinobu Kiritsuke also features a slightly curved edge so that it even works well with rocking cuts. 

  • A multi-purpose knife treasured by Japanese master chefs, this 7-inch blade provides exceptional power for hassle-free, everyday kitchen use
  • Made with 67 layers of Damascus steel and VG-10 Core.  The exquisite Damascus is naturally patterned, with stunning design and absolutely the best materials to complete the kitchen task with ease.
  • VG10 is harder than most stainless steel types. It's easy to sharpen razor-sharp and the rust resistance is great
  • Cured wooden handle - stylish and elegant, honeycomb pattern. Contains gold edge strips, it is particularly noble and comfortable to hold.
  • Full composite tang for a lightweight perfect balance

IMPORTANT: Each handle is made uniquely so the color will be sent randomly.

Packaging includes

  • Blade Length: 8 in. (203mm)
  • Blade Steel: VG–10
  • Blade Steel Layers: 67 layers Damascus
  • Blade Edge: Non-Serrated
  • Handle Material: Cured Wood