Royal Skeleton

Royal Skeleton Timepiece
A skeleton watch is agreeably a fascinating accessory to own because of the gear display. The Skeleton Watch Rhinestone Timepiece is a men’s watch that spells luxury because of its exquisite design. It’s a type of wristwatch that gives you both style and substance.

A Closer Observation
Mechanical watches are accurate timepieces that require proper winding from a licensed professional. This delicate maintenance only equals the way this watch has been given an appearance that’s worth showing off.

A classic gold cutout plate teases the user of the hardworking gear display it partially hides away. Take a look at the back, and it gives you a much closer glimpse of its system. It has swirl etchings that provide a classic look to the plate.

The surrounding feature hour markers in Roman numerals and stainless steel pointers become luminous in the dark. The rim has settings of cubic zirconia stones on a stainless steel case also plated in gold. This mechanical skeleton watch uses a manmade leather strap to offset the glimmer as well as to offer comfort to the wearer. A Classic buckle closure secures it around the wrist.

The Classic and The Versatile
This watch is best worn to formal events because of its luxury design. From weddings to black-tie events, it finely compliments your suit. It’s a wristwatch that says how you value your personal style and the way you project yourself in public. This watch is for those who love beautiful things and how it also needs to suit the wearer’s taste. Not only it is a thing of beauty, but it also delivers what one would expect from a mechanical wristwatch. Add it now to your collection or perhaps give it as a gift to someone who appreciates amazing accessories just like this one.