Radiwow Portable Travel Radio

Never listened to the Aviation band? This band lets you listen in on nearby air traffic controllers. When traveling, airline schedule changes and problems can be perplexing. Listening to control towers can provide entertainment and informative bits of information.

Product Specifications:

  • Memory stored: 500 memory presets.
  • Sleep timer & alarm clock
  • Earphone Jack: 35mm, Stereo
  • Power: USB 5V external adapter or BL5C rechargeable battery.
  • Backlit LCD screen: It is convenient for night use.
  • DSP chip: It makes the transistor radio more sensitive to capture signals.
  • Versatile: It can display RF, temperature, battery, etc.
  • Auto-tuning Storage: Automatically scans for new stations.
  • Anti-interference: With an anti-interference switch, it can adapt to a strong radio interference environment. AM broadband, narrowband selection. Broadband can improve the sound quality of strong signal broadcast programs, while narrowband can improve the anti-interference ability of adjacent channels.

Frequency Range

  • Standard frequency range: 87~108 MHz.
  • Europe, and the United States: 87.5~108MHz.
  • Short wave (SW): 1711~29999 kHz.
  • Longwave (LW): 150~450kHz.
  • Aviation band (AIR): 118-137MHz.
  • MW: Asia, Africa and Europe: 522~1620 kHz.
  • North America: 520-1710kHz. 

Noise limit sensitivity

  • FM (S / N = 30dB) > 3uV.
  • AM (MW)(S / N = 26dB)> 0.5mV / m.
  • Long wave (LW) (S / N = 26dB) > 10 mV / m.
  • Short wave (SW) (S / N = 26dB) > 10uV.
  • Aviation band (AIR) (S / N = 26dB) > 0.5uv.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x RADIWOW R-108 Radio.
  • 1 x External Antenna.
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable.
  • 1 x BL-5C Lithium Rechargeable Battery.
  • 1 x English User Manual.