Premium Side Cutter Overlock Presser Foot - For All Low Shank, Singer, Janome, Brother

Do you want to accurately trim and flawlessly sew the seam of your sewing fabric? The amazing Side Cutter Foot can help you by cutting or trimming the edges of the fabric and sewing it at the same time. Is it very convenient right?

Side Cutter Overlock Presser Foot helps you finish sewing projects like a breeze. 

Simulate a serged stitch effortlessly even without a serger or an overlocker. Side Cutter Overlock Presser Foot creates an overlock or overedges stitch to even out the fabric edges.

An overcast stitch is perfect for woven fabric while the zigzag stitch is great for knits.


  • IT'S SO EASY TO USE even for beginners. Just attach to the machine and it's good and ready.
  • FITS ON HOME & DOMESTIC LOW-SHANK SEWING MACHINES such as Singer, Brother, Kenmore, Janome, and more. It can handle even the most delicate fabric. Perfect for sewing blanket, pillow covers, crochet, and more.
  • DURABLE AND LONG-LASTING tool that's made of sturdy materials and has a compact design for easy handling.