Photocatalyst Retractable Car Sunshade

You love your car. You love the exterior, you love the interior, you also love your leather seat.

But as time goes on, your car interior will start to age. Especially if it's often parked under the sunlight.

We just happen to have a solution to this problem. Introducing our Photocatalyst Retractable Car Sunshade!

Why do you need a Photocatalyst Retractable Car Sunshade?

  • Keep your interior temperature with a double layer protection
  • Outer shade is made of aluminized reflective cover. It will block UV A and UV B from the sunlight
  • The excessive heat that can't be reflected by the outer shade will be absorbed by the inner photocatalyst layer
  • Easy to attach and detach from the windshield.

With our Photocatalyst Sunshade installed on your car. Your car will always look new.


  • Universal: 65cm/ 25 inch
  • SUV/ MPV: 70cm/ 27inch
  • Rear window: 46cm/ 18inch
  • Truck: 80cm/ 31inch