Non-Electric Bidet - With Water Pressure Control

Never fight for toilet paper again!

From toddler to senior, the benefits of the bidet are endless. This is just some reasons a bidet is a better choice for your bathroom needs:

  • Better personal hygiene and cleaning
  • Greatly reduce the impact you have on the environment
  • Save money and reduce household waste
  • Better skincare and more comfortable to use
  • Reduce plumbing problems and prevent clogs

BUT, the standard electric bidet is COSTLY! They expect you to SPEND $650 for a bidet with all the unnecessary MAGIC FEATURES.

The solution?

Our Non-Electric bidet is all you need. Turns your toilet into a hotel-style toilet!


  • Easy to install, no need to call an expert, just prepare your wrench and screwdriver
  • Install in under 30 minutes
  • Fits any toilet
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to uninstall (in case, you want to move the bidet) 
  • Have all the features you ever need

Which type should I buy?


Choose Basic if: you need a standard bidet that does the job


  • All the Basic features
  • Dual nozzles (extra nozzle for the feminine area)

Dual Hot & Cold (BEST SELLER)

  • All the Dual features
  • Can be connected with the hot water hose
  • Equipped with water temperature control

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Dual Hot & Cold