Nebula Smart Lock - APP, Fingerprint, Smart Card & Code Unlock

Times that you forgot your keys are now stories of the past. Aura Smart Lock was designed to provide ease and convenience to your household. With Aura, you can open the door any way you want. Unlock your door automatically with either your fingerprint, inducted access token, via APP, or through a passcode. 


  • Fingerprint Recognition Unlock: Fast and convenient, the moment you touch Aura, your door is already unlocked. Utilizing the latest technology in biometric sensors with 99.99% accuracy rate, you can be sure that your fingerprint will be recognized precisely within milliseconds. 
  • Safe Passcode & Anti-Peep Function: Have the option to type in any random code on the Nebula handle and still gain access as long as the 1 correct code is embedded in the longer set of numbers. This wards off strangers who try to steal your code by looking at worn-out keypad digits or watching you nearby as you enter the password. 
  • Bluetooth Smart Connectivity: Use the App TTLOCK to unlock your door in one touch on your mobile phone via Bluetooth. 
  • Token Access: Unlock by using our token for an additional method of unlocking Nebula. 
  • Share Temporary Access & Schedule Times: Share access once, for a certain period of time or permanently with Nebula. Share e-keys and codes and how long you want them to be valid. Can set regular schedules as well, so Nebula knows to unlock at a certain time every week. The control is in your hands!
  • Real-Time Attendance Tracking: You can check the daily attendance of staff or family who accesses the door by App, card, or passcode at any time.
  • Break & Hack-Proof with AES128 Bit encryption technology: Nebula employs an encryption method used by most governments and security agencies around the world. With a total of 3.4*10^38 possible combinations, Nebula is impossible to break and hack.
  • Works Offline: No internet connection is needed for the lock to be accessed.
  • Silent Mode: Turn on/off the beeping sound when the door unlocks. If you have children sleeping early or people coming back home late at night, you can set the lock to silent mode during that time. 
  • 100% Waterproof & Suitable for Outdoors: Waterproof, Moisture-proof, Mildew-proof, and has anti-corrosion properties. Works in all extreme temperatures from -60 to 60°C. 
  • Compatible with Any Door: Can replace most standard door locks, as well as both left & right-handed doors. The Suitable Door Thickness is 30mm-60mm.
  • Easy Installation: No wiring or drilling needed. The whole installation only takes a few minutes with just a screwdriver!
  • 365 Days Battery Life: Powered by 4x AAA Battery to last one year with daily usage. There is a warning alarm when the battery is low to remind you to connect to an external power supply. In case the battery dies or there is a power outage, there is a standby power source that can be used to unlock the door and give you time to charge the battery. Aura offers convenient backup in times of need!


Wi-Fi Gateway features: 

  • Wifi & internet remote control
  • Lock/unlock the door remotely via the internet
  • When a user opens the door, the administrator will receive a real-time notification message.
  • Standby time is up to 12 months. When the battery is about to run out, the system will have sound and light warning indicating that it is time to recharge.
  • Remotely view the status of the door in case you have forgotten if it is locked or unlocked.

Package Included:

  • Front Handle 
  • Back Handle
  • Lock Latch 
  • Smart Cards 
  • Screw Kit 
  • User Manual