Luminox - Helmet Lighting Kits

Luminox - Helmet Lighting Kits is powered by a small, detachable controller that has three modes: constant glow, slow blink, and fast blink. The controller contains a built-in USB rechargeable battery (charging cable included), no AA batteries required. The controller can be mounted on the back or either side of your helmet.

The Luminox Light Strips stick to your helmet using a very durable adhesive. Peel and stick the light strips to your helmet in a variety of orientations.
  • No glue, just peel and stick.
  • Compatible with any helmet.
  • Detachable, change helmet whenever you want!
  • Water resistant.
  • Built-in USB-rechargeable lithium battery (cable included). No AA batteries required.
  • 6 hour battery life. Extends to 11 hours in blinking modes.
  • Legal to use, the brightness level will not distract other people.

Package includes:

  • Four Light Strips
  • One Controller
  • Curved Mount
  • Extension Wires
  • USB Charging Cable

*Left/right sides are mirrored for a symmetrical look