LolliPods Wireless Earphone

LolliPods deliver a seamless wireless listening experience that provides all the benefits and features of AirPods for less than 1/5th of the price.

So whether you are working out, or listening to your latest podcast, LolliPods are a convenient alternative to AirPods, that both fairs well in price and style. Supporting a variety of beautiful LolliPods exclusive matte colors. 



      • Supports pop-up window, and displays battery power status instantly when pulled out from the case
      • Android User: can download AirBattery application to have AirPods pop-up screen
      • Open the case, to automatically connect them to your phone
      • They sense when they’re in your ears and pause when you take them out
      • Once removed from your ears and placed back into the case it will automatically disconnect
      • 3.5 hours of listening time, 2 hours of talk time all on one charge
      • Charging case supports multiple charges for more than 10 hours of listening time
      • Ability to use earbuds independently
      • Double-tap to play or skip forward
      • Noise cancellation

        What's In The Box

        • 2 x Earbuds
        • 1 x Charging case
        • 1 x Charging cable
        • 1 x Instruction manual


            • Tap once to play, pause, or answer a call
            • Tap twice to reject a call
            • Tap left earbud three times for previous song
            • Tap right earbud three times for next song
            • Hold for 3 seconds to activate Siri voice assistance

              Tech Specs



              • LolliPods (each): 0.15 ounce (4 g)
              • Charging Case: 1.43 ounces (40 g)


              • LolliPods (each): 0.67 by 0.72 by 1.61 inches (17.0 by 18.3 by 40.9 mm)
              • Charging Case: 1.77 by 0.87 by 2.14 inches (44.9 by 22.1 by 54.3 mm)
              • Case Size: 1:1 slightly larger than Airpods
              • Earbuds Size: 1:1 slightly larger than Airpods


              • LolliPods: Bluetooth
              • Charging Case: Charges via Lightning connector 

              LolliPods Sensors 

              • Dual beamforming microphones
              • Dual optical sensors
              • Motion-detecting accelerometer
              • Speech-detecting accelerometer 


                • LolliPods with Charging Case: More than 10 hours listening time, up to 6 hours talk time
                • LolliPods (single charge): Up to 3.5 hours listening time, up to 2 hours talk time
                • Fully charged case can support more than 3 full charges to the earbuds
                • 40+ hours of standby time 
                • 1 hour charge time


                      • Pair with any Bluetooth-enabled device (iPhone, Android, MacBook, PC, etc.)