iFreez - Semiconductor Cooling Gamepad

Do you love playing mobile games for hours? Then you need this!
When your phone is overheating after playing too long the CPU chip will operate in full force, which USES a lot of your battery life. This iFreez controller is equipped with a semiconductor chilling plate that enables you to fast cooling your phone temperature. Decrease the phone's temperature allows us to effectively extend battery life so you can improve your gaming experience in PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, and other mobile games.
  • Support 4-6.7 inches of phones IOS/Android.
  • The cold feeling of the radiator makes you feel like putting your phone in a refrigerator. The phone temperature may reach up to 50 Celsius degree when you play PUBG Mobile. With the iFreez controller, the temperature would be decreased to 9 Celsius degree.
  • The controller is equipped with a 7500RPM powerful fan, take away the heat of the phone rapidly. It won't get hot and get stuck even though you play with high frame rates and HDR graphics in PUBG Mobile.

How does it work?

iFreez gamepad use Tech coolers that leverage the Peltier effect to convert a difference in electric voltage to a difference in temperature

Package Includes:

  • 1x iFreez Gamepad