Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle Generator

Do you want a healthier life in the simplest way?

Enjoy the benefits of a hydrogen-enriching water system in portable form with Water Bottle. Simply power it on, and after a three-minute cycle, your regular water will be enriched with up to 900+ PPB of infused hydrogen.

This hydro bottle will generate the safest & healthiest Hydrogen Water anywhere at any time. Studies have shown that molecular hydrogen water will provide your body the tools it needs to help your body fight off harmful free radicals, reduce oxidative stress & protect you against illness & disease.


  • Improves hydration levels (up to 6 times better than regular water)
  • Improves nutrition absorption of supplements
  • Enhanced Anti-aging properties
  • Anti-Inflammation properties
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Improves brain function and memory


  • Produces up to 900+ PPB of Hydrogen
  • SPE/PEM membrane (NO Ozone or Chlorine)
  • Electrodes Disinfectant Cleaning System (EDC).
  • USB Rechargeable Polymer Lithium Battery
  • Portable and Easy to Use
  • Turn any drinking water into hydrogen-rich water instantly.
  • High grade Titanium + Platinum coating Electrodes.

Stop Free Radicals, Get Healthier

Our bodies develop free radicals due to stress, pollution, unhealthy diets & poor lifestyle choices. Learning to neutralize and balance our bodies free radicals are key to keeping our bodies healthy.

Research reveals that uncontrolled free radicals in our bodies cause various diseases, cancers, and even accelerate aging. These dangerous molecules will steal electrons from our healthy cells, mutating & damaging our cells. As we accumulate damaged cells in our bodies we develop sickness, disease, & age.

Improve Immune System

Drinking 2-3 Liters H2 rich water a day is like eating plates of superfoods. Keeping energy levels high and your immune system strong. Imagine drinking H2 water while eating superfoods at the same time, what that will do for your health?

Feel Young Again

Studies have shown over time that drinking hydrogen rich water can help you recover faster, look younger, aid weight control, & feel great.

Enhance Mind & Body

Drinking molecular hydrogen water daily will help you recover faster after workouts & maximize physical endurance but also improve memory & sleep quality.