Hawk Gauge - Smart OBD2+GPS HUD

Hawk - Smart OBD2+GPS HUD is a smart and powerful auto meter, which can work as a speedometer, engine temperature gauge, Tachometer, oil thermometer, boost gauge, and fuel consumption meter and can also display Ambient temperature and so on. It can also clear the faulty code and send out alarms during driving. Hawk 3.0 HUD is smart, which is an extremely useful gadget for every driver in daily life.

Product Functions:

OBD & GPS  (Dual Working Systems), Works on All Vehicles. (Diesel, Gasoline, Hybrid, Trucks and  Motor cars and so on)

  • Fit almost all cars with OBD2
  • OBD2 mode information display: RPM, speed, Coolant temperature, Oil temperature, fuel consumption, fuel level, voltage, ambient temperature, single mileage, driving distance, driving time, Clockturbo boost pressure, oil pressure, acceleration test, brake test..
  • GPS mode information display: speed, travel time, clock, altitude, number of satellites, compass direction, latitude and longitude, single mileage, voltage, acceleration test, brake test...
  • Alarm: High-Temperature Alarm, Overspeed alarm, High RPM Alarm, Low voltage alarm, Engine Fault Alarm & Clear Fault Codes, etc.

Different display interfaces, freely switch:

Short press the Left button to change the display page at the left and middle. Short press the Right Button to change the display page at right.

3 display pages at the left and middle, 6 different display pages at the right, you can choose your favorite display interface:

2 Kinds of Install Solution

Stand on the dashboard or Upside-down on the windshield shown as below:

Smart Onboard Computer: Hawk 2.0 Car HUD:

It's not only a latest hud, it's a smart on-board computer with clear faulty code function.

Package List:

  • Smart HUD Gauge VJOYCAR Hawk 2.0
  • OBD2 cable
  • Velcro sticker
  • Install Tool
  • User Manual