Exoskeleton Car Phone Holder

Having trouble to put your smartphone while using GPS ?? 

Introduce you to the first Exoskeleton Car Phone Holder, This car phone holder uses gravity to hold your phone, only need 1 hand to make your phone in a stable and firm position.

Say no to bulky phone holder!

With the new exoskeleton technology make this holder very slim and yet very strong, better than the old magnetic or gravity holder.


Buy 2 and save on shipping !!


  1. Stable and Firm: The three arms form a triangle, which will clamp your phone tightly and would not make any noise when sudden braking or driving on a rough road.
  2. Auto Lock & One Hand Operation: With gravity linkage design, you just need to put in or take out your phone with one hand, which will clamp it or release it automatically.
  3. Stylish and Elegant: The scratch resistant surface will let your phone holder always look like new.
  4. All size phone: Exoskeleton Car Phone Holder fits almost all phone size from 4.7" to 6."

Compatible with all type of air vent