Dual Support Phone Holder

Having trouble putting your smartphone while using navigation ?? This car phone holder uses dual support to hold your phone, only need 1 hand to make your phone in a stable and firm position.

Safe Driving Remain With You Throughout The New Year

1.Ergonomic design-quick release. -----It only takes a few seconds to easily install or remove the phone. Just click the button on the left and your phone will be released from the holder.

2.Shock-absorbing airbag silicone-----Protect the phone from collision even without a phone case. There's airbag silicone padded on the surface, which is far better than other hard silicone.

3.Adjustable feet-----Creatively adjustable feet (0.78 inches) solve all problems you may have when using the fixed foot, which is better for your big phones and thick cases.

Easy To Install And Remove

Before using, please take a quick 10 seconds to browse the following:

1. [Important] Please be sure to use the "U" anti-shake stabilizer, and it should be closer to the clamp for maximum stability.

2. [Important] Press the suction cup and U stabilizer hard for 1min, then let it rest for 1 to 3 days to gain high stickiness before using (at least 1 day).

3. Please clean the dashboard/windscreen where you are going to install the car phone mount with alcohol wool or a wet cloth, and wait for it to dry. And then press the mount base firmly to the surface attached, then press down the suction cup lock while the force to the base lasts.

4. If your dashboard is deeply textured, please use the dashboard pad firstly.

5. To ensure your phone is clamped firmly, please press the root of the clamp arms after placings the phone, and squeeze the arms until it clings closely to your phone.

Installation menthod:
Step 1. Clean
Step 2. Tear off
Step 3. Lock
Step 4.Remove

Available Everywhere

Dashboard & Windscreen & Air vent

Newest Shockproof 4.0

Safe & Stable-----2 Support Points Share All the Force

4 times length=4 times shaking= 4 times danger

Anti-Shake Stabilizer Guard Your Safe Driving

Super Wide Sight

No Obstruction- > The Safest Car Mount

Accompany You Home Safely

Friendly with 99% Ventilation

Upgraded In Each Detail

1.Ours-----KING Material: "PTFE"
2.Ours-----Patent Fingerprint Soft Silicone Capsule
3.Ours-----8-Gear Pull-down Feet Side Keys Freedom

Mount It The Way You Favor


360° Rotation Angle

360° Rotation angle free to switch the portrait and landscape screens

Upgrade Air Vent Hook Clip

Rotable adjustable tightness & Upgrade solid metal hook

360° Angle Adjustment

Silicone padding & Adjustable phone rest & Phone cradle release button

Easy To Clamp, Press To Clamp

Easy to clamp:
*Press side button to release the arm, put phone
on; Press release bars to lock side arms.

*Compatible with 4.7-6.9 mobile phones
*Applicable size: 60mm≤Phone width≤87mm