Digital Night Vision Scope

Award-Winning Design 

The new and improved night vision scope lets you hunt at any time throughout the day, making it easier to see any type of vision at night as well. This Digital Night Vision Scope takes night hunting to the next level. Hunters can enjoy up to 400-yard range with its infrared light night vision Scope.

Become a Professional Hunter 

Do you want more success in your coyote/hog hunting, particularly during the night? This scope does not display the typical glow from thermal imaging you see in movies. It utilizes infrared technology, which means better imaging and does not shine detectable lights keeping your position hidden. 

Perfect Vision Day Or Night 

With the use of infrared technology within the night vision scope, you are able to see any movement of any type of animal within 400 yards. The scope uses high-intensity infrared light to illuminate your scopes area of vision. There is a screen on the scope, making it easier to see any movement within a certain duration. 

Hunting Made Easy!

With this new night scope, it makes your life easier by doing all the work for you. If there is any movement within the 400 yards, it will pop up on the screen, having it turn a different color. 

Product Features:

  • INFRARED TECHNOLOGY: The scope uses high-intensity infrared light to illuminate your scopes area of vision.
  • HIGH DEFINITION SCREEN: Extremely high definition 5-inch screen that makes hunting during the night much easier.
  • SCOPE ATTACHMENTS: This product comes with multiple scope attachments and protective tape.
  • EASY TO USE: The Night vision monocular can be easily assembled into a riflescope with some simple operation.


  • 1 x Digital Night Vision Scope