iBeauty Vanity Mirror

The number one complaint when taking my girlfriend for a scenic drive was that there was no mirror for her to stare adoringly into her own soul, while the serene forests and mountains whizzed by at breakneck speeds.

Well, no longer. After buying this large 8.3-inch mirror, she only sees the green in her eyes while I weave in and out of traffic. She can do her makeup and ensure that her brows and lashes look just right as I drift corners on mountain switchbacks. Never again do I have to hear "Slow down!" as she is captivated by the beauty she hasn't seen in at least the 3 or 4 seconds since the last time she looked.

She is calm. At peace. Duck faces on Instagram can be practiced over, and over, and over again before we reach our destination. She loves it, and that's all I need.