Bosch Go 2 - Cordless Electric Screwdriver

The Bosch Go 2 is a cordless screwdriver unique in its Category. Powered by a 3,6V Lithium-Ion battery it’s always ready to go and the USB charger makes charging fast and convenient. The 360 RPM of torque makes the Bosch Go 2 a superior tool in its Category as it drives screws 2x faster than similar competitive products in the market.
  • Smart Stop feature will cut off the tool after detecting the jumping which is caused by a misalignment between the bits and the screws
  • Dual Activation gives the freedom to choose the activation method by simply push or press the button to begin
  • Electronic Brake for easy control as the tool stops immediately after deactivation
  • Mechanical Clutch: Precise with 5 torque settings and maximum performance mode
  • Strong Spindle Lock to shift between manual & power mode


USB charging, ECP battery, protection technology.

ECP can effectively prevent overcharging, deep discharge, and use outside the proper temperature range. Simultaneously it also protects the tool itself to avoid instantaneous high current and high-temperature damage to the tool motor and possible damage