Anti Puncture Inner Tube For Bicycle

Everybody hates punctures, which is why newer better puncture-resistant inner-tubes are constantly being invented, and the gravelly side of the road is littered with their flaccid carcasses as for a variety of reasons they fail to beat the general all-round user-friendly convenience and cost of a normal inner-tube.

When pierced, the highly-polymerized material of the tube will create an air-tight seal around the object and hold back an immediate puncture which fully gives the riders more time to react.

FOSS tube provides a superior ride quality due to the high elasticity of the material which can actually reduce the rolling resistance.

The material density is 0.88 g/. It is 30% lighter than traditional tubes (of the same thickness). And it is a recycled Environmentally Friendly material.

Winner of iF Material Award 2010.Champion of Wheel Set Group, Taiwan Innobike 2010.

Anti-puncture, lightweight, and recycled.