2020 Quantum Touch

Revamp Your Interior Design

The 2020 Quantum Touch is a modular, touch-sensitive wall light that empowers your creativity and vision. In addition, versatility is the backbone of the Quantum touch, hence each magnetic tile can be pulled apart and spliced together in countless ways.

Effortless Integration
The Quantum Touch can be easily integrated into any setting while attaining its distinctive and minimal look. Find the desired location and connect each tile together using the magnetic edges provided.

Easy Installation
Take your pick on how you want to mount your Quantum Touch, we give you both options. Nail mounts are ready to go on the back of each tile, and wall mounting sticker pads are included in your kit as a bonus.

Magnetic Connections
Do you want limitless design options? No problem. Each tile has magnetic edges that allow you to furnish an array of designs. Connect the tiles together, stick them to the wall, and swipe away.

Swipe for Light
Swipe or touch the Quantum Touch to activate the proximity/touch sensors, which turn the tiles on and off.

Each Set Includes:

  • Quantum Touch
  • Wall mounting sticker pads
  • One Wired power supply (US/EU/UK)